B Corps want people to identify them as the startups that are building an inclusive and sustainable economy.

They work to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

They have the legal requirement to take into account their workers, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment in decision-making.

They need their organizational and brand culture to be implemented in the company and to be shared by their workers and customers.

What do they need?

Get to know themselves

Through a process of self-awareness as a brand that includes all the players involved in it: team, clients and other stakeholders.


Convertir su autopercepción en una marca y en un propósito asumido internamente para agilizar las decisiones y cumplir con su compromiso social.

Build up

A brand and narratives that channel this value to society and its customers.

Areas of work


The strategies design allows brands to add value to their offer, interact with their customers, and stand out from their competitors.

•  Research and brand analysis

•  Information and strategic messages

•  A brands purpose and unique value

•  Personality, values, and beliefs

•  Tools: design thinking and workshops

•  Customer journey

•  Strategic creative direction


A coherent visual and verbal code is essential for people to correctly identify the value of brands and their impact on society and the environment.

•  Conceptualization and storytelling

•  Naming

•  Global identity

•  Voice and tone

•  Responsive logos and dynamic brands

•  Brand books and digital tool kits


Activating brands involves globally designing the experience they provide to the user, showing their value and their most disruptive and innovative side.

•  Digital productions

•  UX/UI

•  Editorial productions

•  Graphic design

•  Illustration and motion graphics

•  Signage

•  Campaigns


It’s essential to ensure that the organization’s teams implement and manage the brand correctly so that it stays strong, making it one of its most valuable intangibles.

•  Team training

•  Collaboration with art teams

•  Use documentation and toolkits

•  Brand management

•  Systems to detect new opportunities

•  Implementation in the organization

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